Cyber-Security Risk

What we offer

A comprehensive range of

Product Solutions
to assist organizations with Cyber-Security risk impact assessments.

Our advanced flexible technology tools recognize that organizations have unique risk profiles and tolerance for risk.
Our tools are highly customizable and can be implemented to meet the specific Cyber-Security needs of an organization. Risk assessments are completed for each identified risk source and aggregated to create an enterprise-wide view of Cyber-Security risk.

Our Solutions
Our automated data-driven Cyber-Security risk framework solutions include
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Cyber-Security Risk Framework

Each Cyber-Security risk framework contains a pre-determined schedule of control topics and questions, easily customizable to a specific organization.

build an enterprise-wide specific risk hierarchy

The flexible tools enable controls to be mapped to risk sources and, in turn, to risk models to build an enterprise-wide specific risk hierarchy.

Automated risk assessments

Automated risk assessments are performed for each risk source to evaluate compliance with controls.

Risk scores

Risk scores are generated and weighted, as appropriate, for each risk source.

enterprise-wide view

Aggregated risk scores are generated to provide an enterprise-wide view.

Highly flexible &
customizable reporting

Highly flexible, customizable reporting for different stakeholders to support Cyber-Security risk mitigation decision-making.

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