About us

How we started!

OptimEyes.ai got its start by listening to the needs of Fortune-1000 CXOs. Our co-founders were meeting with these executives to discuss project management software with predictive capabilities, and heard time and time again that the biggest use-case for the software would be to track and manage their risk. What we realized is that there is no good enterprise-wide software in the market for bringing together the various data points and risk metrics from clients’ point solutions – but that there was a tremendous demand for one.

An “A-Team” Of Diverse Thinkers

We pulled together an “A-Team” of diverse thinkers and industry experts with different backgrounds and experience, with a proven history of solving complex risk problems.

Our direct industry experience enables us to navigate the practical challenges of building an enterprise risk management program leveraging advanced algorithmic technology, in an easy-to-understand and user-friendly way.

Management Team

Advisory team

Our Unique Approach

As we developed our tool and its modules, we continued to meet with the Fortune-1000 CXOs on a continuous basis.

We incorporated their ideas and feedback, and have crafted a tool that fills in a growing gap – quantifying, visualizing, benchmarking and predicting enterprise-wide risk.

First-of-its-kind tool

The result of this is a first-of-its-kind tool that utilizes advanced AI / ML algorithmic technology that enables industry risk benchmarking; real-time and trackable risk scoring; and predictive analytics to identify and quantify future risk.