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Julie Myerholtz, CISO of Grainger, talks about building a risk-based strategy with OptimEyes.ai in the “CXO Interview Series: The New Age of Enterprise Risk”.

Manage your cyber-security, data-privacy and compliance risk exposure with our unique AI-powered, on demand SaaS based Solutions.

Our risk-quantification and industry risk benchmarking capabilities support an enterprise-wide real time risk profile view.

Cyber-security Risk
100% automated product solutions to assists organizations with Cyber-Security risk impact assessments.
Data-privacy Risk
A robust set of product solutions to assist organizations with Privacy risk impact assessments.
compliance Risk
A tool for managing increasingly complex regulatory and compliance environments.
enterprise risk
Enterprise Risk Management solution assists organizations with Risk Impact Assessments.

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To be the Cyber and Data Privacy Quantification industry leader through the leverage of advanced algorithmic technologies that include – AI, Machine Learning and blockchain.


To help clients on their cyber-security and data privacy risk quantification journey.

Navigating the Risk Journey Together

Navigating the Risk Journey Together

Automated Solutions

OptimEyes offers a comprehensive range automated risk framework solutions to assist organizations manage enterprise-wide risk exposure, including the persistent and ever evolving threats of cyber-security, data privacy and compliance risk.

Our risk impact assessments are highly customizable and can be implemented to meet specific needs, recognizing that organizations have unique risk profiles and tolerance for risk.

Our 100% automated cyber-security risk frameworks bring together multiple risk sources, including AWS, Azure and Splunk. Our real-time assessments and risk scores help organizations to understand and stay ahead of internal and external cyber-security enterprise threats, including access management and ransom ware.

Our automated data driven Privacy risk impact assessments cover the following:

  1. GDPR – PD
  2. CCPA – PII
  4. PCI-DSS – PII
  5. ISO27001 – PII
  6. SOC 2
  7. NIST – PII

Our advanced flexible technology tools assist organizations with ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. This includes a broad variety of compliance standards, with the ability to customize.

  1. ISO 27001
  2. SOC2
  3. PCI
  4. NIST
  5. HIPAA
  6. Others

Our data driven flexible solution enables risks to be categorized and aggregated to create organization-specific Risk Models. Examples include:

  1. Strategic Risk
  2. Operational Risk
  3. Fiduciary Risk
  4. Regulatory Compliance Risk
  5. Financial Risk
  6. Security Risk
  7. COVID-19 Risk
  8. Reputational Risk

What we Do

We navigate and connect the complexity of global organizations to bring together multiple risk sources and events to create a single, centralized view of risk. We use advanced technology to leverage a perfect storm of exponential data growth, computing speed and AI algorithm advancement.

Our flexible tools connect to an organization’s systems and data sources, enabling aggregation of key data points, real-time weighted risk scoring providing an enterprise view of risk.

Our Unique Approach

First to create industry-specific benchmarking to quantify risk exposure.

Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics optimize the management of current and future risk, based on multiple data sources and attributes.

Our highly flexible customized reporting for different stakeholders supports enterprise-wide risk mitigation decision-making.

Our Unique Approach
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